About Me


My name is James Covello. I have always straddled the technical and the creative. I have degrees in Engineering and in English.* I love Engineering and have made solving difficult problems my career for nearly 30 years; I also enjoy (most) literature, even when the editor clearly died before removing a single unnecessary word from Moby Dick (It could have been so good.). I bought my first camera (a Nikon FM2) in 1981 after my freshman year of high school. Rather than buy it with the obligatory “kit” 50mm lens, I bought a 105mm f/2.5, a very defensible choice. I switched to digital in 2006, when my parents gave me a Nikon D200 as a PhD graduation gift. The slides have gathered dust ever since.

I will photograph almost anything, but my primary subjects are landscapes and nature. Portraits and sports are also favorites, but the latter is largely restricted to swim meets.

My wife, Susan, and I met at Stanford as freshmen and have been married since 1990. We have three daughters and one son, ages 17 through 23. I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and we have lived in Tucson, Arizona, since 1994.

I also enjoy reading, hiking and ballroom dancing. And eating. For reasons that remain unclear, my wife does not enjoy Stanford football. Even when we are good.

I have travelled very little overseas, but have been to 46 states (all but the Dakotas, Michigan and Delaware…How I am ever going to find myself in Delaware I have no idea.). I have never been in a helicopter, but I have flown on the Goodyear blimp (pretty neat) and in the back of an F-16 (over-the-top awesome). I only got to fly the F-16, however.

I will write novels someday, too. Perhaps this blog will help me learn to write faster and I will be able to write more of them.

*B.S. and M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Stanford; B.A. English, Stanford; PhD Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Arizona.