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  • Victorian Tulips

    Victorian Tulips

    As promised (more than once) I am finally beginning to post about last month’s trip to Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Before the actual photo tour began, my friend Barrett Lowe and I spent an afternoon and a morning wandering around Victoria with our cameras. Of the many things to photograph, there were tulips in…

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  • Pink over Pawnee

    Pink over Pawnee

    Last weekend I was rather dismayed when I saw a picture of saguaros silhouetted against a magenta aurora sky; after 29 years of living in an auroraless Arizona, I had some serious image envy. Not only that, but I hadn’t made any effort to go look for the aurora in Colorado, where it would have…

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  • Cliffs and Monoliths

    Cliffs and Monoliths

    About a year after our trip to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, we drove through western Colorado after dropping our daughter off at the University of Wyoming for her freshman year. One of places we explored was Colorado National Monument next to Grand Junction, Colorado. The pictures above and below give a good indication…

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  • Facing the Abyss

    Facing the Abyss

    Recently a friend asked about things to photograph in western Colorado this coming June. I decided that the easiest thing to do was write a couple blogs on the area, although I have to reach pretty far back in the archives to do so. This week we are going back to October 2016, although most…

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  • More Cherry Creek Wildlife

    More Cherry Creek Wildlife

    This post is a continuation of last week’s: last week focused on the herons of Cherry Creek State Park; this week shows off some of the other wildlife I found on my recent visits. That said, I am mixing a few things up this week. First of all, the images in this post are all…

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  • 1,001 Tumamoc Nights

    1,001 Tumamoc Nights

    Although this post is scheduled to publish five days after the solar eclipse, that is still two days in the future as I write this. But keeping with the theme of astronomical events, I thought I would lead off this post with an image from the supermoon lunar eclipse—a so-called “blood moon”—of 27 September 2015.…

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  • Pikeville at 85mm

    Pikeville at 85mm

    In the fall of 2022, my son entered medical school at the University of Pikeville in Pikeville, Kentucky. So I made two trips to Pikeville that fall, one to help him move from Louisville and another for his White Coat Ceremony. Pikeville is not well known, but is the county seat of Pike County, the…

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  • Another Brick in the Wall

    Another Brick in the Wall

    I like to have some kind of theme for each of my blog posts. In looking through my pictures from my meanders in downtown Parker, I decided that I had a enough images featuring brickwork that bricks got the nod. Despite the narrow-seeming theme, I think there is enough variety in the images that they…

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  • Old Town Parker

    Old Town Parker

    I recently started a new job and it is a true work-from-home affair. This means that I spend a lot of time in my basement office—where I am now writing this blog post. It’s a nice office, and no one wants to commute, but my previous commute was often quite beautiful: there are mountains and…

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  • Bright Angel of Death

    Bright Angel of Death

    Despite the fact that I lived in Arizona for 29 years, I have only been to the Grand Canyon three or four times. In my defense, it is about a six-and-a-half hour drive to get there from Tucson. In many ways, the Grand Canyon is a difficult place to photograph just because it is so…

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