Nazaré 2023

A twelve-entry photographic journal of my trip to Portugal in 2023.

  • Lisbon Morning Burlesque

    Lisbon Morning Burlesque

    My long-awaited photography tour in Portugal finally arrived! It was a week-long tour, and is my usual practice I try to arrive a day early so I have a little travel margin. My hope was to arrive mid-afternoon in Lisbon so that I would have a couple hours of daylight left to explore the city…

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  • Six Miles in Lisbon

    Six Miles in Lisbon

    As promised in last week’s post, this week I am showing more images from the same morning walk in Lisbon. At this point I have decided that one of the true joys in life is wandering through European cities on foot—there is so much to see and photograph. The image above illustrates the atmosphere: the…

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  • Nazaré Waves

    Nazaré Waves

    Nazaré is famous for big waves. It has the distinction of having hosted the largest wave ever successfully surfed, an 86-foot tall monster in October of 2020. In fact, Nazaré’s Praia do Norte (North Beach) has been the site of seven of the ten largest waves ever surfed. Our first morning in Nazaré, a Sunday,…

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  • Wet Feet at the Beach

    Wet Feet at the Beach

    Our group ended its first full day of photography on a beach north of Nazaré. As with every beach we visited on this trip—and there were quite a few—there were a nice variety of rocks and cliffs to photograph. I took over 50 images of the group of rocks above, trying to get different patterns…

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  • Nazaré Windows

    Nazaré Windows

    When I started collecting images for this post, my initial thought was to have an assortment of “Nazaré” photos—doors, windows, streets, looking down on the town from up on the cliffs, etc.—but I rapidly decided I really had too much material to fit that much in a single post. Today’s problem will be a benefit…

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  • Nazaré Beaches

    Nazaré Beaches

    As promised, this week our blog is back at the beach. The first series of five photographs are from around sunset at the same beach as the giant waves, just taken from down on the sand rather than from up on the cliffs. It was overcast and the light was fading, so the images as…

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  • Another Golden Day on the Silver Coast

    Another Golden Day on the Silver Coast

    Despite it being the back half of November, we were largely cursed with beautiful weather in Portugal. I say “cursed” because in most respects featureless blue skies are challenging to deal with as a landscape photographer. It is generally a lot easier to exploit a parade of interesting clouds that continually migrate across the sky.…

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  • More Silver Coast Beaches

    More Silver Coast Beaches

    This is going to be my last post featuring beaches in Portugal, and since I am tired tonight, I am going to try to keep my commentary on the images brief. Starting with the image above, I took a fair number of pictures of this rock, which to me looks like the head of a…

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  • Stratigraphic Seascapes

    Stratigraphic Seascapes

    In addition to lots of beaches, Portugal’s Silver Coast has amazing rocks and cliffs. There is great variety in the geology which makes for a great variety of photographic possibilities. The dramatic angled layers of rock in this location were particularly special, however, and they were such a group favorite that we returned a few…

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  • Sea Stacks Aplenty

    Sea Stacks Aplenty

    This week we feature images from a few more locations along the beautiful coastline of Portugal. The Atlantic ocean ruthlessly pounds the cliffs; for a time, sea stacks like the one above endure, but eventually they will succumb like untold others before them. As mentioned in previous posts, I can only imagine the violent scene…

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  • A Day in Óbidos

    A Day in Óbidos

    Well, a little over four hours, at any rate. The walled city of Óbidos is definitely the sort of place that I enjoy taking pictures! With the narrow cobbled streets and the suffering paint on the walls, there was an abundance of subject matter that appealed to me. The heavily-overgrown vines in the image above…

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  • Portugal a Posteriori

    Portugal a Posteriori

    Well, this is the twelfth and final post about my trip to Portugal’s Silver Coast. I figured that this was a good chance to sneak in a few pictures that I didn’t have space for the last few weeks. The first three are all architectural images using the PC Nikkor 19mm f/4E ED wide-angle tilt-shift…

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