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  • Blossom Road Reclamation

    Blossom Road Reclamation

    Every so often I undertake what I like to call a “reclamation project”. These result from not doing a good job of things in the field. They start when you are looking at your image catalog in Lightroom and you say, “I wish I had…” It has been a over a year since my trip…

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  • Cable Cutter

    Cable Cutter

    I loved these badly weathered window shutters and the crumbling concrete around them, but short of trespassing or serious vandalism there was absolutely no way to get this white cable out of the picture. I took the photo anyway in the hopes that I could ”redeem it in post” (i.e., post-processing). Unfortunately, I gave little…

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  • Waimea Sunbreak

    Waimea Sunbreak

    Last March, my wife and I rented a resort apartment for a week in Princeville on Kauai, Hawaii. We drove all the way around the island to reach the entrance to Waimea Canyon, but it was so socked in with fog and clouds and rain that for most of the subsequent scenic drive we feared…

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  • Oxnard in Artificial Light

    Oxnard in Artificial Light

    My first of three trips to Oxnard last year was only a few weeks after I received my new Nikon Z7. I really hadn’t had much time to use it yet, so I spent an evening after dark walking around the hotel grounds taking pictures of whatever looked interesting. Since it was dark outside, everything…

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  • Lava Seascape

    Lava Seascape

    Less than twenty minutes after taking Volcanic Dawn, the photograph featured in the previous post, I had the camera perched on the tripod for this shot. Without moving the camera, I took 23 shots over about three minutes.

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  • Volcanic Dawn

    Volcanic Dawn

    Apparently not everyone is fond of rattlesnakes, so this post begins a series about Hawaii instead. While there are no venomous snakes in Hawaii, this little corner of Oahu is covered in vicious lava rock spikes that seem even more dangerous.

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  • Raking the Grass in Lofoten

    Raking the Grass in Lofoten

    While in Lofoten this past May, I spent a few days exploring the islands by car. One of the places I visited was Unstad, which has a nice beach that is popular with—believe it or not—surfers. It’s a pretty area, but

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  • Day-Glow Gecko

    Day-Glow Gecko

    As I was waiting for my order at a parking lot food truck at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, I noticed this gecko

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  • Sunset Punishment

    Sunset Punishment

    The summer monsoons are frequent visitors to Tucson during July, August, and September.

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  • Thumbs-Up!


    As mentioned in an earlier post, last month I spent a few hours exploring the Painted Hill Trail in Tucson, Arizona. In that post, I alluded to a bizarre crested saguaro—well, this is it.

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