Evidence Against Ambichromy


Lover’s Leap in Ambichrome. A whimsical half-monochrome and half-color rendition of the sleeping giant of La Peña de los Enamorados looming above the rooftops of Antequera, Andalucía, Spain.

In my previous post, I commented that I prefer to stick to either color or black & white rather than waffle between them. While I enjoy looking at both lotsachrome and naryachrome images, my personal preference is to focus on creating only the former. After seeing the above image, I am sure that most of my readership will agree that this is for the best, even if they feel confident that they can safely alternate without risk to themselves or the public.

Although I worry about social media getting wind of this hot new trend, those who want to dabble in unleashing the ambichrome apocalypse are welcome to play with the slider below:

Antequera in Pandorachrome. Which do you prefer?

Author’s note. This mostly-silly post is as much an excuse to try out the slider block that I found in WordPress as it is anything else. That, and I like to make up words.

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