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  • Coupeville


    Coupeville is in Washington, not Portugal, so as promised last week this is a post-Iberian post. During the photo workshop on Whidbey Island last fall, we made several visits to the area by the Coupeville pier, both morning and evening. It was definitely pretty, but I would not say that it was an easy place…

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  • Barrio Viejo Doors

    Barrio Viejo Doors

    After having so much fun photographing doors and windows and such in Santorini, Greece, the previous April, last fall I spent some time on two consecutive Sundays out wandering around in a colorful old neighborhood south of downtown Tucson called Barrio Viejo. I had driven through the area a number of times, but the only…

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  • Santorini Padlocks

    Santorini Padlocks

    As I explored Santorini’s towns and villages, many little details caught my eye. I am sure that many tourists just walk on by without paying them any attention, but they help give the island some of its character and charm. I would like to think the small details make at least a subconscious on even…

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  • The Textures of Santorini

    The Textures of Santorini

    As a photographer, much of the fun of visiting Santorini is wandering the narrow alleys and stumbling upon wonderful little architectural features like this door. I suppose that it would look nice freshly painted, but it has so much character as it is. While the bleached colors are beautiful in this image and add to…

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  • Cable Cutter

    Cable Cutter

    I loved these badly weathered window shutters and the crumbling concrete around them, but short of trespassing or serious vandalism there was absolutely no way to get this white cable out of the picture. I took the photo anyway in the hopes that I could ”redeem it in post” (i.e., post-processing). Unfortunately, I gave little…

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  • Sweetwater March

    Sweetwater March

    This past winter in Tucson was disappointingly mild. Certainly every winter in Tucson is mild by most measures, and not a winter at all for Minnesotans. But usually there are some respectable hard freezes and last winter it even snowed.

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  • Oxnard in Artificial Light

    Oxnard in Artificial Light

    My first of three trips to Oxnard last year was only a few weeks after I received my new Nikon Z7. I really hadn’t had much time to use it yet, so I spent an evening after dark walking around the hotel grounds taking pictures of whatever looked interesting. Since it was dark outside, everything…

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  • Thumbs-Up!


    As mentioned in an earlier post, last month I spent a few hours exploring the Painted Hill Trail in Tucson, Arizona. In that post, I alluded to a bizarre crested saguaro—well, this is it.

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  • Surrounded!


    Story Last month I decided to explore the Painted Hill Trail in Tucson, Arizona, and take some pictures. It is only a couple miles from my house, but was new to me. It is a recently-developed trail and loops over and around some small hills up near the Tucson Mountains on the city’s western edge.…

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