Series: Andalucía Trip 2023

  • Blossom Road Reclamation

    Blossom Road Reclamation

    Every so often I undertake what I like to call a “reclamation project”. These result from not doing a good job of things in the field. They start when you are looking at your image catalog in Lightroom and you say, “I wish I had…” It has been a over a year since my trip…

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  • Andalucía Lens Usage

    Andalucía Lens Usage

    When I concluded my Santorini blog series, I wrapped things up with a tabulation of how much I used each of the lenses I brought on the trip. I have two main reasons to be interested in this data. First, I want to know whether bringing a certain lens was even worth the trouble. Second,…

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  • Corks and Other Corkers

    Corks and Other Corkers

    On our last photography day, we drove west through some beautiful country outside Ronda. Much of it was very photogenic and well worth attention in the morning light, but it wasn’t readily apparent that there was somewhere safe alongside the road, so we pressed on. There was much excitement about thirty-odd griffin vultures circling overhead…

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  • Floors and Ceilings

    Floors and Ceilings

    Our penultimate photography day in Andalucía was spent in Seville. And what wasn’t spent in Seville was spent driving to and from Seville. It was about two hours each way—which made for a long day—but was well worth the effort. We began with a short session with the banyan tree above. After about 20 minutes…

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  • Superterranean and Mediterranean

    Superterranean and Mediterranean

    Having arrived in the stunning city of Ronda the night before, the morning of our fifth day of photography in Andalucía was devoted to its streets. There is much to see in Ronda: the 230-year-old new bridge and the twice-as-old old bridge and the even older Arab Bridge that everyone calls the Roman Bridge as…

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  • Roofs and Ruins

    Roofs and Ruins

    As alluded to in the previous post of this series, this post covers part two of the fourth photography day of my recent trip to Andalucía, Spain—a day devoted to road tripping from Órgiva in the east to Ronda in the west, with plenty of quick photography stops along the way. Our last stop before…

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  • Grovitas


    After three full days based in Órgiva, it was time to pivot west and drive the 150 miles or so to Ronda. Being a caravan of photographers, we stopped at a number of places along the way; so many, in fact, that I have decided to split the day into two posts. Charlie Waite clearly…

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  • Blossom Two

    Blossom Two

    The third photo day of our Andalucía trip was a repeat of the first day, at least in terms of basic itinerary: morning and afternoon visits to the almond orchards around Torvizcón. On this second attempt, however, the weather was somewhat changeable and overall I would assess the light as better. As to what constitutes…

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  • The Alhambra

    The Alhambra

    Our second full day of photography was spent at the Alhambra palaces. We started by spending about an hour at the palace of Carlos V with its beautiful two-level 360° arcade with colonnades. Fortunately it was partly cloudy, so there were some periods of harsh, direct sunlight and others of softer light—it is always nice…

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  • Blossom One

    Blossom One

    My trip to Santorini last April was my first trip with Light & Land; last month I went on my second, this time to Andalucía in southern Spain. Both trips were led by Astrid McGechan, but this second trip was also co-led by none other than Charlie Waite. The trip was extra fun because, in…

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