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  • Desert Boulders

    Desert Boulders

    In May of 2020 I decided to drive ninety minutes or so north from my home in Tucson to explore a boulder field in the desert that I had seen a picture of online somewhere. My wife tagged along, and I honestly don’t remember too much else about why we went; my wife and I…

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  • Sweetwater March

    Sweetwater March

    This past winter in Tucson was disappointingly mild. Certainly every winter in Tucson is mild by most measures, and not a winter at all for Minnesotans. But usually there are some respectable hard freezes and last winter it even snowed.

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  • Surrounded!


    Story Last month I decided to explore the Painted Hill Trail in Tucson, Arizona, and take some pictures. It is only a couple miles from my house, but was new to me. It is a recently-developed trail and loops over and around some small hills up near the Tucson Mountains on the city’s western edge.…

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