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  • Rhododendron(less) Park

    Rhododendron(less) Park

    Since Rhododendrons bloom in May and June, there weren’t any in evidence during my September morning visit to Rhododendron Park on Whidbey Island. Even so, it was a beautiful little park with scattered campgrounds. Since much of Whidbey Island is covered in small farms, this densely wooded area added some nice variety to my photographs…

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  • Sunset on Whidbey Island

    Sunset on Whidbey Island

    Last weekend I returned from a five-day photography workshop on Whidbey Island, Washington, which is in Puget Sound a little north of Seattle. The workshop was put on by the Pacific Northwest Art School in the town of Coupeville. For me the big draw was that Charlie Waite was the workshop leader; I had enjoyed…

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  • Floors and Ceilings

    Floors and Ceilings

    Our penultimate photography day in Andalucía was spent in Seville. And what wasn’t spent in Seville was spent driving to and from Seville. It was about two hours each way—which made for a long day—but was well worth the effort. We began with a short session with the banyan tree above. After about 20 minutes…

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  • Grovitas


    After three full days based in Órgiva, it was time to pivot west and drive the 150 miles or so to Ronda. Being a caravan of photographers, we stopped at a number of places along the way; so many, in fact, that I have decided to split the day into two posts. Charlie Waite clearly…

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  • Blossom Two

    Blossom Two

    The third photo day of our Andalucía trip was a repeat of the first day, at least in terms of basic itinerary: morning and afternoon visits to the almond orchards around Torvizcón. On this second attempt, however, the weather was somewhat changeable and overall I would assess the light as better. As to what constitutes…

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  • Surrounded!


    Story Last month I decided to explore the Painted Hill Trail in Tucson, Arizona, and take some pictures. It is only a couple miles from my house, but was new to me. It is a recently-developed trail and loops over and around some small hills up near the Tucson Mountains on the city’s western edge.…

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