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  • Fairy Forest

    Fairy Forest

    As mentioned in last week’s post, we visited Fairy Lake twice while on Vancouver Island. After the first visit, we spent a couple hours exploring an area of forest that was adjacent to the lake. It was a small recreation area with a few campgrounds (that were closed, probably due to the season) and a…

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  • Fairy Lake

    Fairy Lake

    If you search online for “Fairy Tree Canada,” you will find a lot of images of this tree. Given how many images there are, it is remarkable their variety due to the variation in light and weather. But even if it is popular, it is such a neat tree that it is irresistible. As is…

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  • Victorian Light

    Victorian Light

    During our trip to Vancouver Island, my friend and I spent a late afternoon and the following morning wandering around the inner harbor area of Victoria, the capitol city of British Columbia. Being the provincial capitol, there was a parliament building, and it was stunning. The image above gives a taste of the ornateness of…

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  • Victorian Tulips

    Victorian Tulips

    As promised (more than once) I am finally beginning to post about last month’s trip to Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Before the actual photo tour began, my friend Barrett Lowe and I spent an afternoon and a morning wandering around Victoria with our cameras. Of the many things to photograph, there were tulips in…

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  • More Cherry Creek Wildlife

    More Cherry Creek Wildlife

    This post is a continuation of last week’s: last week focused on the herons of Cherry Creek State Park; this week shows off some of the other wildlife I found on my recent visits. That said, I am mixing a few things up this week. First of all, the images in this post are all…

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  • Coupeville


    Coupeville is in Washington, not Portugal, so as promised last week this is a post-Iberian post. During the photo workshop on Whidbey Island last fall, we made several visits to the area by the Coupeville pier, both morning and evening. It was definitely pretty, but I would not say that it was an easy place…

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  • Stratigraphic Seascapes

    Stratigraphic Seascapes

    In addition to lots of beaches, Portugal’s Silver Coast has amazing rocks and cliffs. There is great variety in the geology which makes for a great variety of photographic possibilities. The dramatic angled layers of rock in this location were particularly special, however, and they were such a group favorite that we returned a few…

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  • Nazaré Beaches

    Nazaré Beaches

    As promised, this week our blog is back at the beach. The first series of five photographs are from around sunset at the same beach as the giant waves, just taken from down on the sand rather than from up on the cliffs. It was overcast and the light was fading, so the images as…

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  • Nazaré Windows

    Nazaré Windows

    When I started collecting images for this post, my initial thought was to have an assortment of “Nazaré” photos—doors, windows, streets, looking down on the town from up on the cliffs, etc.—but I rapidly decided I really had too much material to fit that much in a single post. Today’s problem will be a benefit…

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  • Wet Feet at the Beach

    Wet Feet at the Beach

    Our group ended its first full day of photography on a beach north of Nazaré. As with every beach we visited on this trip—and there were quite a few—there were a nice variety of rocks and cliffs to photograph. I took over 50 images of the group of rocks above, trying to get different patterns…

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