Tag: Nikon Z 24-120mm f/4 S

  • Barrio Viejo Encore

    Barrio Viejo Encore

    I know that I promised last week that this week I would move on from Barrio Viejo, but if you followed the comments on last week’s post, you know that I succumbed to Rob W’s request to publish some stragglers that didn’t make the planned three posts. I keep my weekly posts fairly concise with…

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  • Barrio Viejo Lamps

    Barrio Viejo Lamps

    This post is the second of three featuring photographs from Barrio Viejo, a historic neighborhood in Tucson, Arizona. Whereas last week’s post primarily featured softly-lit photographs of the shaded side of buildings, most of this week’s photographs feature the other side of the buildings, the side exposed to direct sunlight that results in strong shadows.…

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  • Barrio Viejo Doors

    Barrio Viejo Doors

    After having so much fun photographing doors and windows and such in Santorini, Greece, the previous April, last fall I spent some time on two consecutive Sundays out wandering around in a colorful old neighborhood south of downtown Tucson called Barrio Viejo. I had driven through the area a number of times, but the only…

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  • I-70 Sans Silhouettes

    I-70 Sans Silhouettes

    Last week’s post was all about the roadside silhouettes that I photographed on my recent journey across Kansas and eastern Colorado. While the entire trip was under stormy skies, there were moments when the sunlight obliged by highlighting some interesting subjects through a gaps in the clouds. The image above is a nice example where…

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  • I-70 Silhouettes

    I-70 Silhouettes

    Our son recently drove out with his dog to visit us at our new home near Denver, Colorado. It was a long road trip of about 1,100 miles from Louisville, Kentucky. The plan was for him to leave early in the morning and for me to fly to the midpoint (Kansas City, Missouri) where he…

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  • Superterranean and Mediterranean

    Superterranean and Mediterranean

    Having arrived in the stunning city of Ronda the night before, the morning of our fifth day of photography in Andalucía was devoted to its streets. There is much to see in Ronda: the 230-year-old new bridge and the twice-as-old old bridge and the even older Arab Bridge that everyone calls the Roman Bridge as…

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  • Roofs and Ruins

    Roofs and Ruins

    As alluded to in the previous post of this series, this post covers part two of the fourth photography day of my recent trip to Andalucía, Spain—a day devoted to road tripping from Órgiva in the east to Ronda in the west, with plenty of quick photography stops along the way. Our last stop before…

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