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  • Coupeville


    Coupeville is in Washington, not Portugal, so as promised last week this is a post-Iberian post. During the photo workshop on Whidbey Island last fall, we made several visits to the area by the Coupeville pier, both morning and evening. It was definitely pretty, but I would not say that it was an easy place…

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  • Portugal a Posteriori

    Portugal a Posteriori

    Well, this is the twelfth and final post about my trip to Portugal’s Silver Coast. I figured that this was a good chance to sneak in a few pictures that I didn’t have space for the last few weeks. The first three are all architectural images using the PC Nikkor 19mm f/4E ED wide-angle tilt-shift…

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  • Wet Feet at the Beach

    Wet Feet at the Beach

    Our group ended its first full day of photography on a beach north of Nazaré. As with every beach we visited on this trip—and there were quite a few—there were a nice variety of rocks and cliffs to photograph. I took over 50 images of the group of rocks above, trying to get different patterns…

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  • Reuble Farm

    Reuble Farm

    During the photography workshop on Whidbey Island, every morning each participant would show the group a half dozen images from the day before. Since we generally weren’t all taking pictures together, sometimes this resulted in “Ooh. Where was that?” moments. That is how I discovered Reuble Farm. After learning of its existence, several of us…

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  • Rhododendron(less) Park

    Rhododendron(less) Park

    Since Rhododendrons bloom in May and June, there weren’t any in evidence during my September morning visit to Rhododendron Park on Whidbey Island. Even so, it was a beautiful little park with scattered campgrounds. Since much of Whidbey Island is covered in small farms, this densely wooded area added some nice variety to my photographs…

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  • Camp Casey

    Camp Casey

    During the photography workshop on Whidbey Island, we met in an old building that was part of Camp Casey, one of many that all appear to be in current use. I never saw inside of any of the other buildings, but the inside of ours was quite nice, clean, and recently painted. All of which…

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  • Andalucía Lens Usage

    Andalucía Lens Usage

    When I concluded my Santorini blog series, I wrapped things up with a tabulation of how much I used each of the lenses I brought on the trip. I have two main reasons to be interested in this data. First, I want to know whether bringing a certain lens was even worth the trouble. Second,…

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  • Corks and Other Corkers

    Corks and Other Corkers

    On our last photography day, we drove west through some beautiful country outside Ronda. Much of it was very photogenic and well worth attention in the morning light, but it wasn’t readily apparent that there was somewhere safe alongside the road, so we pressed on. There was much excitement about thirty-odd griffin vultures circling overhead…

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