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  • New Book Released!

    New Book Released!

    After more than a year’s effort, my new book, About a Week in Santorini, has just been released and is now available for purchase. The book measures 10″ wide by 8″ tall and features 129 images of Santorini’s architecture and scenery, each on its own page. While a few of the images appeared in my…

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  • Isolation with the Lensbaby Sweet 50

    Isolation with the Lensbaby Sweet 50

    The Lensbaby Sweet 50 is a manually-focused 50mm f/2.5 lens with the interesting ability to restrict the sharpness in an image to a localized portion of the frame. Most lenses are designed to have good sharpness from the center out to the edges and corners of the frame; those that don’t tend to get punished in online…

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  • DIY #1—Double-Ended Rear Lens Cap

    DIY #1—Double-Ended Rear Lens Cap

    A double-ended rear lens cap allows you to safely stack two lenses together in a bag, end-to-end, while allowing easy one-handed access to both. It solves a common problem and you can make it yourself with no tools, no skill, and almost no money.

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