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  • Sea Stacks Aplenty

    Sea Stacks Aplenty

    This week we feature images from a few more locations along the beautiful coastline of Portugal. The Atlantic ocean ruthlessly pounds the cliffs; for a time, sea stacks like the one above endure, but eventually they will succumb like untold others before them. As mentioned in previous posts, I can only imagine the violent scene…

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  • Stratigraphic Seascapes

    Stratigraphic Seascapes

    In addition to lots of beaches, Portugal’s Silver Coast has amazing rocks and cliffs. There is great variety in the geology which makes for a great variety of photographic possibilities. The dramatic angled layers of rock in this location were particularly special, however, and they were such a group favorite that we returned a few…

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  • Nazaré Beaches

    Nazaré Beaches

    As promised, this week our blog is back at the beach. The first series of five photographs are from around sunset at the same beach as the giant waves, just taken from down on the sand rather than from up on the cliffs. It was overcast and the light was fading, so the images as…

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  • Nazaré Waves

    Nazaré Waves

    Nazaré is famous for big waves. It has the distinction of having hosted the largest wave ever successfully surfed, an 86-foot tall monster in October of 2020. In fact, Nazaré’s Praia do Norte (North Beach) has been the site of seven of the ten largest waves ever surfed. Our first morning in Nazaré, a Sunday,…

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  • Lava Seascape

    Lava Seascape

    Less than twenty minutes after taking Volcanic Dawn, the photograph featured in the previous post, I had the camera perched on the tripod for this shot. Without moving the camera, I took 23 shots over about three minutes.

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  • Volcanic Dawn

    Volcanic Dawn

    Apparently not everyone is fond of rattlesnakes, so this post begins a series about Hawaii instead. While there are no venomous snakes in Hawaii, this little corner of Oahu is covered in vicious lava rock spikes that seem even more dangerous.

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