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  • Coupeville


    Coupeville is in Washington, not Portugal, so as promised last week this is a post-Iberian post. During the photo workshop on Whidbey Island last fall, we made several visits to the area by the Coupeville pier, both morning and evening. It was definitely pretty, but I would not say that it was an easy place…

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  • Reuble Farm

    Reuble Farm

    During the photography workshop on Whidbey Island, every morning each participant would show the group a half dozen images from the day before. Since we generally weren’t all taking pictures together, sometimes this resulted in “Ooh. Where was that?” moments. That is how I discovered Reuble Farm. After learning of its existence, several of us…

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  • Admiralty Bay

    Admiralty Bay

    During my visit to Whidbey Island back in September, I visited the northern shore of Admiralty Bay several times. This area includes Fort Casey to the west (which I will leave for a future post of its own), a ferry terminal, and a long beach that is called Fort Casey Beach at one end and…

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  • Deception Pass

    Deception Pass

    One night during the Whidbey Island photography workshop, the informal plan was for us to go to Deception Pass to photograph the sunset. Fortunately, one of the attendees had a local photographer friend who knew exactly where to go, or I don’t think I would have ended up in the right spot. If you look…

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  • Rhododendron(less) Park

    Rhododendron(less) Park

    Since Rhododendrons bloom in May and June, there weren’t any in evidence during my September morning visit to Rhododendron Park on Whidbey Island. Even so, it was a beautiful little park with scattered campgrounds. Since much of Whidbey Island is covered in small farms, this densely wooded area added some nice variety to my photographs…

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  • Sunset on Whidbey Island

    Sunset on Whidbey Island

    Last weekend I returned from a five-day photography workshop on Whidbey Island, Washington, which is in Puget Sound a little north of Seattle. The workshop was put on by the Pacific Northwest Art School in the town of Coupeville. For me the big draw was that Charlie Waite was the workshop leader; I had enjoyed…

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