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  • Jack-o’-Lanterns Galore

    Jack-o’-Lanterns Galore

    A few weeks ago, my wife, Susan, spotted a plug in our employer’s newsletter for Magic of the Jack O’Lantern, an October event in Littleton, which is not too far from home for us. This is apparently the third year running that this event has been in Denver and features over 7,000 carved pumpkins. Susan…

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  • Evidence Against Ambichromy

    Evidence Against Ambichromy

    In my previous post, I commented that I prefer to stick to either color or black & white rather than waffle between them. While I enjoy looking at both lotsachrome and naryachrome images, my personal preference is to focus on creating only the former. After seeing the above image, I am sure that most of…

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  • Monsoon Wedding

    Monsoon Wedding

    Last month I had the privilege of photographing Matt and Carly Frey’s big day. Other than the certainty that it will be hot, the Tucson weather in early July is unpredictable. As it happened on July 8, the weather ranged from sweltering before the ceremony (when the formal photographs were taken) to downpours, lightning, and…

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  • Fireworks…and a Fire!

    Fireworks…and a Fire!

    My wife and I set out for Tumamoc Hill to watch the annual fireworks show over Sentinel Peak, locally known as “A” Mountain, near our home in Tucson, Arizona. I had envisioned something like the picture below, plus fireworks: But Tumamoc Hill was closed for the show. I was somewhat despondent and without a backup…

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