Tag: Nikon Z 24-70mm f/4 S

  • Desert Boulders

    Desert Boulders

    In May of 2020 I decided to drive ninety minutes or so north from my home in Tucson to explore a boulder field in the desert that I had seen a picture of online somewhere. My wife tagged along, and I honestly don’t remember too much else about why we went; my wife and I…

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  • Whitewater Draw Landscapes

    Whitewater Draw Landscapes

    The sandhill cranes are the main—but not only—reason to visit Whitewater Draw. While the immediate area is pretty flat, there are mountains in the distance in nearly every direction. Arizona, of course, is frequently blessed with colorful skies that often can be exploited by compositions that show a lot of sky, such as the image…

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  • Oxnard in Artificial Light

    Oxnard in Artificial Light

    My first of three trips to Oxnard last year was only a few weeks after I received my new Nikon Z7. I really hadn’t had much time to use it yet, so I spent an evening after dark walking around the hotel grounds taking pictures of whatever looked interesting. Since it was dark outside, everything…

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  • Swinging Liana

    Swinging Liana

    I visited southern Arkansas in mid-July as summer storms were rolling through: during a short two-hour visit to Cane Creek State Park, I was continually soaked either from repeated downpours or my own sweat. If I had just been hot and drenched and uncomfortable…

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