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  • 1,001 Tumamoc Nights

    1,001 Tumamoc Nights

    Although this post is scheduled to publish five days after the solar eclipse, that is still two days in the future as I write this. But keeping with the theme of astronomical events, I thought I would lead off this post with an image from the supermoon lunar eclipse—a so-called “blood moon”—of 27 September 2015.…

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  • Barrio Viejo Encore

    Barrio Viejo Encore

    I know that I promised last week that this week I would move on from Barrio Viejo, but if you followed the comments on last week’s post, you know that I succumbed to Rob W’s request to publish some stragglers that didn’t make the planned three posts. I keep my weekly posts fairly concise with…

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  • Barrio Viejo Cactus and Color

    Barrio Viejo Cactus and Color

    This is the final installment in a three-post series about two afternoons spent wandering the streets of Barrio Viejo. Until yesterday, I had planned a different series of images to wrap this up, but in the end I settled on this series of four that go together nicely. All four feature the graphic shapes of…

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  • Barrio Viejo Lamps

    Barrio Viejo Lamps

    This post is the second of three featuring photographs from Barrio Viejo, a historic neighborhood in Tucson, Arizona. Whereas last week’s post primarily featured softly-lit photographs of the shaded side of buildings, most of this week’s photographs feature the other side of the buildings, the side exposed to direct sunlight that results in strong shadows.…

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  • Barrio Viejo Doors

    Barrio Viejo Doors

    After having so much fun photographing doors and windows and such in Santorini, Greece, the previous April, last fall I spent some time on two consecutive Sundays out wandering around in a colorful old neighborhood south of downtown Tucson called Barrio Viejo. I had driven through the area a number of times, but the only…

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  • Ruler of the Night

    Ruler of the Night

    My first memorable encounter with an owl was on a winter dawn in the Windy Hill Open Space Preserve just off Skyline Boulevard above Portola Valley, California. It was December 31st, 1990. It was still very dark as I walked downhill down the path with my camera and my tripod. I had not made it…

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  • Birdbane


    Bobcats aren’t the only predators that frequented our yard in Tucson. Cooper’s hawks were common in our neighborhood, helping to keep the population of doves and other small birds from getting out of hand. While it is not clear that they were totally successful, we saw them frequently flying at high speed through the yard…

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  • Holiday Bobcat

    Holiday Bobcat

    After 29 years living in Tucson, Arizona—and 20 years in the same house—we moved to Colorado this past January. Now that I am caught up on blogging about my trips to Santorini and Andalucía, I decided to write some posts about our old home and some of its more interesting visitors. Last year I was…

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  • Sweetwater March

    Sweetwater March

    This past winter in Tucson was disappointingly mild. Certainly every winter in Tucson is mild by most measures, and not a winter at all for Minnesotans. But usually there are some respectable hard freezes and last winter it even snowed.

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  • Peeks at Tower Peak

    Peeks at Tower Peak

    Last weekend I drove west over Gates Pass in the Tucson Mountains in the hope of finding an interesting location to photograph the sunset. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that I was interested in photographing at sunset

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